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Outdoor Security Cameras for Video Surveillance

While conventional, analog and network camera systems designed for the indoor-only uses will suffice most of the time, there are special situations and conditions that require the use of a specialty camera capable of providing adequate image rendering around the clock. If you have situation where low-light, mixed-light with bright areas and shadows, or poor visibility conditions may be present, you need to make sure that your security camera is capable and well-suited for the type of environment in which it is being deployed.

For example, a camera designed for indoor-only uses would not be as effective as a camera designed for both indoor and outdoor uses, when used outdoors to provide security oversight of your property’s critical, external areas around the clock.

But, night-time or low-light conditions are not the only challenges to consider when planning and setting up an effective outdoor video security surveillance system. There is also a concern for severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, mist, dust, and haze that can be quite prevalent in areas close to water such as seaports, or large open areas where dust may be turned to haze by the wind.

Installing a camera that is the most appropriate for your particular situation holds the key to a well-performing outdoor security surveillance system.

Low-Light and Mixed Light Conditions

If a successful day-and-night or low-light video surveillance is critical, then it is imperative that you choose the type of camera that is capable of rendering good quality image during low-light, night time, and mixed-light conditions.

It may be necessary to compare performances of a few suitable cameras to determine the most appropriate camera for night-time or low light surveillance

Anti-Bloom Capable

Anti-blooming capability is another important fact to consider if there is a possibility of outdoor lights interfering with the image rendered by the camera. You will likely find that a camera equipped with anti-blooming capability will perform much better compared to a camera that does not have that capability. However, if you anticipate external lighting to be very direct, such as in high beam lights from a car in a parking lot directed at your camera, or having someone intentionally blind your camera with a spotlight, then a thermal imaging camera may be a better choice for your particular situation.

Thermal Imaging Cameras vs. Day-and-Night Security Cameras


Although more costly than any conventional day-and-night security camera, a specially designed thermal imaging security camera does not require any natural or artificial lighting source in order to “see” at night, or under the conditions of low-to-no visibility. For instance, Sarix (TI) Thermal Imaging Camera from Pelco family of Security Cameras is designed to render a visual image of an object using infra-red or thermal radiation. A thermal imaging camera can provide an effective video surveillance solution for conditions with low-to-no visibility including outdoor perimeter security, parking lots, ports, airports, and high-end residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Site Evaluation

When evaluating suitability of a certain security camera for your outdoor video surveillance, you may want to consider how well a given camera can perform under severe weather conditions including rain, snow, and wind. If there is a risk of someone tempering with the camera, you may want to consider a vandal-proof, bullet and/or explosion proof version of the camera. Other factors to consider include image resolution, analog vs. IP (network camera) format, quality of the lens, zoom, tilt and positioning capabilities.


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