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Event Security

How to Ensure Event Safety and Security

Whether you are planning a sporting event, a trade show, concert or wedding, the most important goal is to have the attendees enjoy themselves without having to worry about their safety at the event.Careful planning, and preparation of emergency and contingency plans are an absolute must, but they are only half of the equation.

It is equally as important to hire a professional experienced security company, whose staff is trained to provide optimal security in a variety of venues and different types of emergency situations. A reputable event security company will also give you valuable information on how to best secure the particular location your event will be held in. Don’t try to cut corners, when it comes to event safety. Allocate enough funds in your budget to hire security professionals you would trust to keep your own family safe at an event.

To make sure you event is a success and your guests are safe at all times, implement these simple, but highly effective security measures before, during, and after your event.

Steps to Take Prior to an Event


  • Ensure that all exits and fire exits are unlocked and unobstructed. Do not use chains or pad locks to secure doors.
  • Check that all lighting inside the building and on the parking lot is working. Fix all broken lighting in time for the event.
  • Consult your security company to determine whether you need to place any additional barriers for crowd control.
  • Contact your local police department and get information on any criminal incidents and any suspicious activity that has recently occurred in the area where you are holding the event. Share this information with your security company, so that they can be on the look out.
  • Your security staff should designate a special area where they will escort, hold and investigate any suspicious or disruptive individuals, and lost children.
  • Implement a check-in process for all staff/volunteers at your event, and be sure that all staff wears an approved, visible ID badge at all times.

During an Event

  • All staff and security personnel should be mobile and visible throughout the entire event.
  • Security needs to patrol the parking lot every 15-30 minutes for the duration of the event, checking for suspicious objects or individuals. Anyone found in the parking lot should be asked to go inside the event or leave the premises.
  • All the entrance and exit doors should be routinely patrolled.

After an Event

  • Security personnel should patrol the parking lot 5-10 minutes before the event ends.  After the event, there should be increased security in the parking lot.
  • The building, parking lot and premises need to be checked again for suspicious items.
  • Security personnel should monitor and direct the crowd existing the event.
  • All equipment and supplies need to be collected For Business accounted for and secured.
  • All staff/volunteers should sign out, to be sure that all people who worked the event have been accounted for.