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Our Best Security System Services For Customers

  • Fire Extinguisher Refiling & Supply.
  • Fire Alarm System Supply & Installation.
  • Hydrant System Supply & Installation.
  • CCTV Camra Supply & Installation.
  • Fire Safety consultancy.

All Type Of Security System.

We provide a wide range of Fire Consultant Services to our clients. Our in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and product performance means we can offer extensive expert advice, allowing our clients to make informed decisions in the field of passive fire protection.

All types of extinguisher require a basic inspection annually to check weight, correct pressure (using a special tool, not just looking at the gauge) and for signs of damage or corrosion, Fire extinguishers are opened up for internal inspection & check weighing of the cartridge, labels are checked for legibility, where possible dip tubes, hoses and mechanisms checked for clear free operation.

We see them everywhere we go and they take a lot for granted, but one day it’s a simple red pipe in the corner probably saved our lives. One thing we must realize is that there are different types of fire, then the question should not really “do I have a fire extinguisher? ‘But’ a kind of fire extinguisher do I need and what the different colors mean fire extinguisher?” The answer to the first question depends on several factors, but with the security number of the first considerations we must consider the materials in our environment and classify potential fire hazard.

There are different types of fire extinguishers are designed to address various types of fires, fire extinguishers fire extinguishers such as CO2 and AFFF. Extinguishers are divided into classes, to make our choice easier:

As we can see now it is fairly easy to make an informed decision that you need a fire extinguisher in your home. Of course, some areas are considered as multi-hazardous, which enabled us to different types available.

To ensure proper use, and any other type of extinguisher is color coded according to EN 3 is expressed throughout the body extinguisher must be red with a small area of ??not more than 5% for identification.

Different colors for easy recognition of the right type of extinguisher in an emergency, so the second question we asked earlier in this article, carbon dioxide or CO2 extinguisher is black, AFFF extinguishers (foam) is a cream, powder dry fire fighting blue and red flames.

Security for your home or workplace is Must. So make sure you know what type of extinguisher you, your CO2 fire extinguisher from your AFFF (foam) and what it means to be four different colors.…