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  • Fire Extinguisher Refiling & Supply.
  • Fire Alarm System Supply & Installation.
  • Hydrant System Supply & Installation.
  • CCTV Camra Supply & Installation.
  • Fire Safety consultancy.

All Type Of Security System.

We provide a wide range of Fire Consultant Services to our clients. Our in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and product performance means we can offer extensive expert advice, allowing our clients to make informed decisions in the field of passive fire protection.

All types of extinguisher require a basic inspection annually to check weight, correct pressure (using a special tool, not just looking at the gauge) and for signs of damage or corrosion, Fire extinguishers are opened up for internal inspection & check weighing of the cartridge, labels are checked for legibility, where possible dip tubes, hoses and mechanisms checked for clear free operation.

We see them everywhere we go and they take a lot for granted, but one day it’s a simple red pipe in the corner probably saved our lives. One thing we must realize is that there are different types of fire, then the question should not really “do I have a fire extinguisher? ‘But’ a kind of fire extinguisher do I need and what the different colors mean fire extinguisher?” The answer to the first question depends on several factors, but with the security number of the first considerations we must consider the materials in our environment and classify potential fire hazard.

There are different types of fire extinguishers are designed to address various types of fires, fire extinguishers fire extinguishers such as CO2 and AFFF. Extinguishers are divided into classes, to make our choice easier:

As we can see now it is fairly easy to make an informed decision that you need a fire extinguisher in your home. Of course, some areas are considered as multi-hazardous, which enabled us to different types available.

To ensure proper use, and any other type of extinguisher is color coded according to EN 3 is expressed throughout the body extinguisher must be red with a small area of ??not more than 5% for identification.

Different colors for easy recognition of the right type of extinguisher in an emergency, so the second question we asked earlier in this article, carbon dioxide or CO2 extinguisher is black, AFFF extinguishers (foam) is a cream, powder dry fire fighting blue and red flames.

Security for your home or workplace is Must. So make sure you know what type of extinguisher you, your CO2 fire extinguisher from your AFFF (foam) and what it means to be four different colors.…

Outdoor Security

Outdoor Security Cameras for Video Surveillance

While conventional, analog and network camera systems designed for the indoor-only uses will suffice most of the time, there are special situations and conditions that require the use of a specialty camera capable of providing adequate image rendering around the clock. If you have situation where low-light, mixed-light with bright areas and shadows, or poor visibility conditions may be present, you need to make sure that your security camera is capable and well-suited for the type of environment in which it is being deployed.

For example, a camera designed for indoor-only uses would not be as effective as a camera designed for both indoor and outdoor uses, when used outdoors to provide security oversight of your property’s critical, external areas around the clock.

But, night-time or low-light conditions are not the only challenges to consider when planning and setting up an effective outdoor video security surveillance system. There is also a concern for severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, mist, dust, and haze that can be quite prevalent in areas close to water such as seaports, or large open areas where dust may be turned to haze by the wind.

Installing a camera that is the most appropriate for your particular situation holds the key to a well-performing outdoor security surveillance system.

Low-Light and Mixed Light Conditions

If a successful day-and-night or low-light video surveillance is critical, then it is imperative that you choose the type of camera that is capable of rendering good quality image during low-light, night time, and mixed-light conditions.

It may be necessary to compare performances of a few suitable cameras to determine the most appropriate camera for night-time or low light surveillance

Anti-Bloom Capable

Anti-blooming capability is another important fact to consider if there is a possibility of outdoor lights interfering with the image rendered by the camera. You will likely find that a camera equipped with anti-blooming capability will perform much better compared to a camera that does not have that capability. However, if you anticipate external lighting to be very direct, such as in high beam lights from a car in a parking lot directed at your camera, or having someone intentionally blind your camera with a spotlight, then a thermal imaging camera may be a better choice for your particular situation.

Thermal Imaging Cameras vs. Day-and-Night Security Cameras


Although more costly than any conventional day-and-night security camera, a specially designed thermal imaging security camera does not require any natural or artificial lighting source in order to “see” at night, or under the conditions of low-to-no visibility. For instance, Sarix (TI) Thermal Imaging Camera from Pelco family of Security Cameras is designed to render a visual image of an object using infra-red or thermal radiation. A thermal imaging camera can provide an effective video surveillance solution for conditions with low-to-no visibility including outdoor perimeter security, parking lots, ports, airports, and high-end residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Site Evaluation

When evaluating suitability of a certain security camera for your outdoor video surveillance, you may want to consider how well a given camera can perform under severe weather conditions including rain, snow, and wind. If there is a risk of someone tempering with the camera, you may want to consider a vandal-proof, bullet and/or explosion proof version of the camera. Other factors to consider include image resolution, analog vs. IP (network camera) format, quality of the lens, zoom, tilt and positioning capabilities.

References – Pelco Surveillance Cameras by SE are suitable for indoor and outdoor video surveillance of any outdoor events, as well as high-end residential and commercial premises, schools, banks, retail, and industrial facilities.…

Security Cameras

Network Cameras for Smart Security Surveillance

Are you looking for an efficient surveillance camera that will protect your private or commercial property? A growing number of home and business owners are turning to cutting edge network cameras to do the job right, and are discovering that these advanced cameras offer a lot more than just recorded video. The right surveillance camera not only provides high-quality images, but will also serve as an indispensable tool in emergency situations, when security personnel or police need to gain quick access and analyze video in order to make immediate decisions.

Learn more about what a high-end surveillance camera can do to help maximize the security of your commercial, public, or private property.



Easy to use

An important benefit of network surveillance cameras is that despite being technologically advanced, they are designed to be user-friendly. Anyone who knows how to use a computer will have an easy time mastering network cameras.

Superior image quality

High image quality is essential to be able to clearly capture an incident in progress and identify faces or objects involved. Having hard evidence enables police to do their job and ultimately means that you will be able to take your case to court. Because network cameras are digital end to end, use progressive scan and megapixel technologies, they are able to deliver video with a forensic level detail. For instance, Sarix IX Series IP cameras by Pelco feature 1.3 to 3.1 megapixels resolution, up to 30 images per second at 1280 x 720 resolution, and auto back focus, delivering the kind of image precision you can truly rely on in any critical situation.

Flexibility & Environmental Adaptability


Many commercial, industrial, and public properties have areas with uneven lighting or mixed-light conditions. Modern security cameras designed for complex lighting conditions should have Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) anti-bloom and low-light capabilities to ensure appropriate monitoring of critical areas on your property. For example, Sarix Security Cameras with SureVision technology by Pelco make it possible to render a clear image despite any mixed-light or low-light conditions such as dark corners, or shadowy areas on your premises. Available in a complete family of box, dome and mini-dome cameras, Sarix cameras can be installed in indoor and outdoor environments, as well as in areas with zero visibility, or no-light (Sarix TI Thermal Imaging model).


Ease of integration and upgradability

Security needs always evolve over time, and the right surveillance camera will be able to keep up with these changes, allowing for easy integration and upgrades. The beauty of network cameras is that most can be integrated with your alarm and audio systems, lighting, environmental and access controls, etc. Moreover, these surveillance cameras can also be easily integrated with other digital devices, video management and application software, and Ethernet-based information systems. This means that these security cameras will never become outdated, and having invested in them once, you will continue to benefit from them for many years to come.

Data intelligence

In today’s fast paced world, continual monitoring of live activity is no longer the most effective way to ensure optimal security. Instead, advanced network cameras are offering features that are a lot more effective in alerting you or security personnel to any kind of suspicious activity. Modern network cameras come with on-board processors that analyze events in real-time and are programmed to overlook benign occurrences. Upon detecting a security breach, these smart cameras send live video to designated laptops or cell phones for immediate review. They can also be custom programmed to set off other appropriate responses, such as alarm notification, or activation of lights and doors. For example, the Spectra HD family of cameras by Pelco feature built-in analytics, including Auto Tracker, Adaptive Motion Detection and USB expansion slots for alarms and audio accessories.

Instant remote access

One of the biggest advantages of IP surveillance cameras is that they can be configured and accessed remotely, allowing multiple users to view live and recorded video 24/7, and from virtually anywhere in the world. This level of access makes responding in emergency situations much more timely and can often make a difference in deterring a crime from taking place. Typically, only designated users have permission to access video as well as to control its programming, which means that your private information is always safe and protected.

Conclusion: Network Cameras offer a Cost-Effective Solution for Security Surveillance Operations

While high-end IP security cameras initially cost more than analog systems, over their lifetime, IP cameras are highly cost effective. Because network cameras can leverage your existing cabling and computer network infrastructure, you can save at least half or more on the cost of installation, compared to an analog system, which can require up to three cables for each camera. Moreover, system management and equipment costs are also lower, because back-end applications and storage typically run on open systems-based servers, rather than on proprietary hardware.…

Event Security

How to Ensure Event Safety and Security

Whether you are planning a sporting event, a trade show, concert or wedding, the most important goal is to have the attendees enjoy themselves without having to worry about their safety at the event.Careful planning, and preparation of emergency and contingency plans are an absolute must, but they are only half of the equation.

It is equally as important to hire a professional experienced security company, whose staff is trained to provide optimal security in a variety of venues and different types of emergency situations. A reputable event security company will also give you valuable information on how to best secure the particular location your event will be held in. Don’t try to cut corners, when it comes to event safety. Allocate enough funds in your budget to hire security professionals you would trust to keep your own family safe at an event.

To make sure you event is a success and your guests are safe at all times, implement these simple, but highly effective security measures before, during, and after your event.

Steps to Take Prior to an Event


  • Ensure that all exits and fire exits are unlocked and unobstructed. Do not use chains or pad locks to secure doors.
  • Check that all lighting inside the building and on the parking lot is working. Fix all broken lighting in time for the event.
  • Consult your security company to determine whether you need to place any additional barriers for crowd control.
  • Contact your local police department and get information on any criminal incidents and any suspicious activity that has recently occurred in the area where you are holding the event. Share this information with your security company, so that they can be on the look out.
  • Your security staff should designate a special area where they will escort, hold and investigate any suspicious or disruptive individuals, and lost children.
  • Implement a check-in process for all staff/volunteers at your event, and be sure that all staff wears an approved, visible ID badge at all times.

During an Event

  • All staff and security personnel should be mobile and visible throughout the entire event.
  • Security needs to patrol the parking lot every 15-30 minutes for the duration of the event, checking for suspicious objects or individuals. Anyone found in the parking lot should be asked to go inside the event or leave the premises.
  • All the entrance and exit doors should be routinely patrolled.

After an Event

  • Security personnel should patrol the parking lot 5-10 minutes before the event ends.  After the event, there should be increased security in the parking lot.
  • The building, parking lot and premises need to be checked again for suspicious items.
  • Security personnel should monitor and direct the crowd existing the event.
  • All equipment and supplies need to be collected For Business accounted for and secured.
  • All staff/volunteers should sign out, to be sure that all people who worked the event have been accounted for.